Addendum #3: Released 5-27-2020

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“City requires approximately with 52 miles of duct bank placed through December 4, 2020. Fiber pulling and splice/testing can occur into December assuming no major snow cover, allowing completion of 14 of the 19 service areas to be turned up by the end of December 31, 2020”.  Are there any penalties involved if we do not meet the 12.1.20 milestone but still finish by 5.31.21?


No penalties are involved if the milestone to complete 14 of the 19 service areas by December 1, 2020 is not reached. This milestone was provided as a guideline for project expectations going into a predicted winter shutdown, since the commencement date for Spring 2021 construction is unpredictable.


It is imperative that enough service areas covering the first transport leg to the CO are splice/tested to allow the City to conduct a pilot test by December 2020.

Contract Forms

General Project Scope


Are past Town soil boring logs available?

The GeoSam Database is maintained by The Iowa Geological Survey and can be used by the general public to aid in estimating the depth to major geologic features, obtaining historic soil boring logs, and other information. The GeoSam website address is:

SA Files

Drawing Notes

General Notes

In the notes you talk about installing drop conduit and cable to the Customers’ homes.  It is our understanding that this is a backbone installation Contract only and that drops are not included in the Scope of Work.  Please confirm.

Correct, drop installations are not included as part of this contract and shall be provided under separate contract.

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During the pre-bid it was noted that there are eight (8) railroad crossings.  Are these permits in hand and can you share the requirements (i.e. depth, type of casing, is a railroad representative required to be on site during a crossing, etc.)?

Railroad crossing plans have been prepared and uploaded to NewCom’s ShareFile site.


Once the City’s Telecommunications Board has provided project approval to proceed, NewCom will follow Iowa Code 476.27 and file a 35-day notice of intent to cross. If uncontested at the end of the period, the contractor will file a 10-day notice to construct at which time the contractor will be required to arrange a flagger.

Appendix D

Conduit Material


In this section, the type of conduit called out is SDR 13.5.  This conduit rating is generally used for duct bank applications.  Recommend changing to SDR 11 due to the conduit be directional bored, which may stretch and damage the SDR 13.5 rated conduit.

SDR 13.5 conduit is specified in the bid and it is believed to be sufficient considering the bore lengths. If bidder believes that they can be competitive, they may substitute SDR 11 rated duct in the estimate.


Bridge Attachments


Are these bridge attachments completed / to be completed by others?  If they are to be completed in this Scope of Work, which bid items apply to these two (2) bridge attachments?

Conduit installation for the two bridge attachments shall be completed by the successful bidder and factored into the overall cost of the project on the bid form. Separate line items are not provided on the bid form for the bridge attachments.


Addendum #2 Released 5-19-2020

Clarification to “Appendix D Bid Form 0300”:

Clarification and guidance is being provided on completing the fillable Excel spreadsheet
“Appendix D Bid Form 0300 – Project 2020-CC-FTTP-OSP.xlsx”. Specifically, this Addendum
addresses two line items on the bid form related to fiber splicing cost estimates.

The spreadsheet is posted on the NewCom ShareFile site under the following folder path:
“Charles City IA FTTP Project / Bid Documents and Plan Sets / Bid Project 2020-CC-OSP 01 /
00 Charles City Fiber To The Premise Bid Documents”.

1. Item No. 67: Single Fiber Fusion Splicing and Testing

A. Quantity Units should be “Each Strand”
B. No entry required for Unit Price, Total Material Cost or Total Material Freight Cost
C. Under Labor, enter single fiber strand labor cost to burn and test

2. Item No. 68: Mass Fusion Splicing and Testing (groups of 12 fiber per ribbon)

A. Quantity Units should be “Each Strand” (508 ribbons with 12 fibers per ribbon or
6,090 strands)
B. No entry required for Unit Price, Total Material Cost or Total Material Freight Cost
C. Under Labor, enter single fiber strand labor cost based on a full ribbon burn and test


Addendum #1 Released 5-13-2020

Response to current Questions.

 #1. All cable calls for loose tube fiber. Are we to Ribbonize the loose tube to mass fusion splice and is the quantity listed below for single or mass splices?

Mass Fusion Splicing and Testing  (groups of 12 fiber per ribbon)


A. Product description on Bid Form 0300 for all fiber cables is not correct, it should be described as ribbon  i.e. “xx count single armor loose tube ribbon fiber optic cable”, consistent with the Mfg and Cat. No. part number.

B. MST tails were designed as single fusion splices.  All feeder and distribution cables were intended to be mass fusion spliced.

#2. Looking for more clarification/info on the PON cabinets and is splicing the PON part of that Unit?

A. The Clearfield Makwa “cabinet” is a required product.  NewCom’s design drawings show discrete “termination” panels and their splicing for purposes of modeling the network. The Makwa product has termination ports with splicing cassettes contained within it for connection to feeder and distribution cables.

B. Splicing of PON cabinets (within the self-contained cassettes) is accounted for in the splice counts.

#3. Info and Clarification on the Splitters and Patch Panels.

A. 1×32 PON splitters are cassettes (Item No. 65 on Bid Form 0300).  The product is specific to the Makwa FDH.

B.High density patch panels (Item No. 66) are rack mounted closures used for termination of feeder circuits at the CO.

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