Addendum #2: Released 8-6-2020

Responses to Questions & Answers

#1. Conduit specified in the bid as 1.5” diameter, but 2” is indicated on bid plan diagram at
railroad crossing.
Conduit size of 1.5” is acceptable for the entire transport run, with the exception of the utility run
associated with the Grinnell Unity Point Hospital (100 feet of 2” EMT pipe is required).

#2. Please confirm proposals are being sent to Owner, not the engineer. Is there a specific
person we should address them to?
Proposals are being submitted to the City of Pella (Municipal Electric Utility) and not the engineer.
Sealed bids shall be filed at City Hall and addressed to the City Clerk at 825 Broadway Street, Pella,
Iowa 50219.

#3. …There is a discrepancy in size between the [Item No. 8] Bid Item Column and the MFG
and CAT No. column. One asks for a 24x36x30 size and one asks for a 24x36x24 size.
Bid Form 0300, Item No. 8 (Polycarbonate Tier 22 Locatable Cover Hand Hole) dimensions should be
24”x36”x24”. The larger size is a typographical error and not required for this project.

#4. Due to current delivery lead times for materials, is the City of Pella open to alternative
fiber manufacturers? Superior Essex brand is a “Required” item on Bid Form 0300.
Bid Form 0300, Item No. 1 (Fiber Optic Cable) requirement to deliver Superior Essex brand fiber optic
cable is being waived at this time. Bidders may propose alternative fiber manufacturers in order to
accommodate for both the proposed project completion schedule, and the highly variable
manufacturing and delivery schedules at this unprecedented time. Since Bid Form 0300 is locked for
editing Alternate Manufacturer Name for this item, please include a notation in the bid narrative and
specification sheet(s) with bid submittal if an alternative product for Item No. 1 will be used.

#5. Request for clarification or correction of Items No. 13 and 14
Bid Form 0300, Item No. 13 lists B size fiber splice closures with splice trays, and references the model
number FOSC450-BS-6-R1-1-B3V (without ground lugs). Grounding will require a different splice
closure model number that is equipped with ground lugs and sold with a separate ribbon fiber splice
tray that holds 144 ribbon splices. Therefore, twelve (12) splice closures and twelve (12) separate
splice trays with the new model numbers are being specified for this project. Please combine pricing
for each splice closure and tray required to provide the combined Unit Price on Bid Form 0300. Bid
Form 0300, Item No. 14 model number for FO armor grounding kits has also been changed for
compatibility with the internal splice case lugs. Please refer to the new model numbers as follows:


Addendum #1: Released 7-28-2020

This addendum is to give notification that this bid due date has been changed from August 7, 2020 before 1 PM. The bid due date has been extended to August 12, before 1 PM. Sealed bids will be opened and tabulated by the City Clerk at 1:00 PM, Wednesday, August 12, 2020. Bids shall be considered by the Pella City Council at its meeting on Tuesday, August 18, 2020, at 7:00 PM, in the Council Chambers in the Public Safety Complex, 614 Main Street, Pella, Iowa. (The bid opening may be held as a videoconference depending upon public health considerations.)

Except as provided in this Addendum 1, all provisions of the Notice to Bidders remain in full force and effect.

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