About Us

Jim Petro, Owner/Engineer
Petro is a Charter Member of CableLabs, a Senior Member for the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers, and holds a B.S.E.E. from the University of New Haven. He was Director of Outside Plant Engineering, McLeodUSA, Cedar Rapids, Vice President of Engineering and Operations for Heritage Communications, the Des Moines MSO that served more than 1-million subscribers.
Petro founded NewCom in 1995 to assist telecommunications operators engineer, design, maintain, and manage their OSP using dynamic GIS technology for efficient plant design and data integration.
Petro develops and manages programs for technology integration, engineering compliance, and quality measures for all NewCom produced work.

Norm Jensen, Field Services Manager
Jensen comes from the telecom engineering industry with more than 35 years managing field personnel and network design as OSP manager with a large engineering company. Jensen is client liaison with major municipal electric divisions, manages field services, and make ready engineering. He was a lead pole analysis engineer on the a major make ready engineering project for Google, and currently manages field services and other OSP engineering activities.

Siva Chinniah, Vice President of Software Development
Chinniah designed NewCom’s SeeCity, Smart Meter Upgrade Management tool, and the Voyager Android Data Collection tool (which integrates any field collection data into various OSP design/management GIS platforms and plant management software). He has extensive experience in development of Geographic Information Systems for management of utilities and services. Including software development to integrate data across various plant management systems.
In addition, he has a Masters in GIS from Western Michigan University, B.S. in Mathematics, Post-graduate Diploma in Computer Science from University Malaya (top university in Malaysia), and has published an article in a peer-reviewed GIScience and Remote Sensing journal outlining a method to potentially retrieve imagery using Content-based Image Retrieval from a large spatial database.

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