Customer Service

Customer Service


The NewCom Promise

NewCom associates have been in the “trenches” of cable and telephone system operations and we understand that unfulfilled commitments by contractors lose money and hurt reputations and future business. For that reason, we strive to understand and meet your standards and requirements by forming a partnership with you. In this way, you can focus on service delivery and trust that NewCom will meet its commitments. NewCom has an excellent track record of successfully managing OSP engineering projects and recommending network architectures for a given system.

In the field, NewCom field agents provide on-site project management to oversee construction and monitor faithfulness to engineering standards. And NewCom will provide turnkey service when needed.

Internet Access to Your Account

In addition to personal service from your NewCom project manager, you can keep up-to-date on the current status of your account with the NewComTech Linksm client service center. Anyone who has permission in your organization to access or view the site will be able to watch the project unfold in nearly “real time.” This is an exclusive service provided by NewCom to give you more control over every aspect of the project. You can interact with your NewCom project managers, make notes and changes to a file, and check on the project anytime.

       At your convenience you can —

  • Track projects by phase
  • Edit, markup and view maps
  • Read and issue special reports
  • Plot at local offices
  • Make requests
  • View correspondence
  • Keep current on billing

On-time Delivery

NewCom’s comprehensive internal project management system continually reviews and updates the work schedule to assure on-time delivery.

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