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Cemetery Software and Management Solutions and GIS Mapping SystemsMap view - small

NewCom’s Cemetery Software and Management system is based on a GIS mapping interface which supports all areas of cemetery management.  Cemetery Software solution includes plot sales with automatic deed generation, burial permits, update interment information and comprehensive reports.

In addition, NewCom’s CMS has incorporated special functionality and features to support the needs of the Jewish cemeteries, such as automatic conversion of Gregorian dates to Hebrew dates, generation of Yahrzeit notices to family members of loved ones. Please call for specifics.

New functionality has been added to allow detail views of areas such as mausoleums, columbarium and niches. NewCom’s CMS is Esri version 10.1 compatible.

In addition, it can include physical property structures, surfaced roads and  utility service locations such as water lines and hydrants.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use interface for managing cemetery records
  • Visual through a map interface
  • Extensive search capability
  • Easily manage deeds and transfers
  • Extensive reporting capability
  • Complete document management system


  •  Burial Plot Sales
  •  Deed Generation
  •  Comprehensive Interment Information
  •  Information Search
  •  Reports


Burial Plot Sales:

Plot sales have never been easier.  Selection is made using the map interface tools.  The deed information is recorded and saved as part of the GIS database record.

Completing the Plot Purchase form initiates the generation of the City deed and bill of sale.

Deed Generation:

Upon completion of the sales process, a deed is automatically generated with all of the required information. It can then be printed, signed and notarized.  The deed is built as a template fashioned after the deed which is currently used.

Interment Information:

A comprehensive view of information is available for each plot record.  This includes, ownership information, personal information about the deceased and interment information.  A digital photograph of the memorial stone may also be included.

Information Search:Search Form

The cemetery management system offers a powerful search tool for locating records.  Searches can be performed using multiple information fields.  If there is more than 1 record that matches, the user is provided with an interface to step through the records to locate the desired result.

At the same time, the user can zoom to the selected plot within the map interface.


Reporting is made easy and includes reporting on sales, deed transfers and interment activity to list a few.Report Tab

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