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Manage City Duties from the Desktop

Once you have GIS data, you can begin using it. GIS software is designed to be a general framework upon which a user can perform a multitude of tasks varying in complexity. Some of the GIS tasks our customers need to perform are complex, time consuming, and cumbersome. These tasks used to be assigned to technical experts to perform. This need for technical assistance increases the workload of critical staff and decreases the efficiency of the organization.

The SeeCity Suite of software tools is designed to greatly simplify common GIS tasks to allow all users to perform their required tasks without the need for any technical assistance. The SeeCity suite of tools was created after spending time learning the common challenges our customers face with managing their infrastructure. GIS Group’s senior engineers have a certain affinity with city infrastructure managers because of their own experience in engineering and managing miles of telecom plant. We can understand the problems they encounter and how applied GIS technology can simplify the use of vast and varied forms of infrastructure data. SeeCity changes our customer’s base GIS data from a digital map used for reference into a powerful tool that performs work for them.

More than 60 Communities ask for SeeCity

City Clerks, City Administrators, Mayors, Facility Managers, and Council members from more than 60 communities have requested a presentation of the SeeCity GIS management suite.

And that is the value of GIS and See City: The powerful and flexible platform meets the needs of everyone who manages any municipal activity.

With See City you needn’t be a GIS expert, NewCom will develop the underlying map and linked data for you, and then you and other city personnel use the See City Suite of desktop tools to manage your city and all its assets.

Manage City Duties from the Desktop

Designed to help you start using GIS quickly, SeeCity Admin is a customized aid for city clerks, directors, and planners, for public notification, decision-making, and information management.

  • A single access point to Zoning District Datasets, Building Permit Document Links, County Data Integration, and a comprehensive view of your city.
  • Modify zoning boundaries
  • Generate automatic notices of infractions from field based routine sidewalk inspections.
  • With the Parcel Notification tool easily create telephone lists, form letters, and labels to inform property owners within a given area or a distance.

The Document Manager allows SeeCity owners to select a feature or set of features, which contain document links, and to choose the appropriate document to view. Also, the tool allows users to quickly and easily create new document links for a specific feature, greatly streamlining the document management and retrieval capabilities of GIS.

With the Document Manager, SeeCity Owners Can

  • Categorize and group documents by user defined categories
  • Create a “caption” to identify documents by something other than the file name
  • Select any number of GIS features and attach the same original document to those selected features
  • Identify the author, date, and filename within the geodatabase
  • View documents that no longer exist because of broken links
  • Manage the global configuration file that allows common parameters to be used in a work group environment
  • Create a detailed report of all “broken links” for missing documents and features
  • Purge database of document links that have been broken

Always have the latest County parcel data

Automatically check and update your County GIS data. Each time you open your See City GIS you will be prompted if new county GIS data is available. The data can be downloaded by clicking ‘yes’ on the pop-up box … this feature enhancement, exclusively for See City owners, makes managing your GIS that much easier.

Now there’s one less thing to search for …

With SeeCity Property for Cemetery Management, your cemetery rules can be printed right along with the deed when it’s issued, and a bit of history about the cemetery too.

Same thing with visitors, you can print out the location map and also hand them the rules and history.

These enhancements are now available to SeeCity owners as part of powerful, desktop, cemetery record management features:

  • Facilitate the purchase or transfer of cemetery lots, along with creation of custom formatted deeds.
  • Lots can be locked-out to avoid double selling.
  • Unlimited interment information, which can include monument images and military or public service indicators.
  • Produce a hand-out map for visitors by searching for plots by deed or interment names or dates.

SeeCity Public Works allows you to easily store, research, and analyze critical information for all your utility systems.

  • Use the Document Link tool to quickly access technical manuals, engineering notes, inspection videos, legal documentation, and any other information that you wish to store and tie to any plant asset.
  • Customized editing tools to easily add new facilities, such as drafting in service shutoff valves and service lines with the Service Drafting tool.
  • Integration of GPS data provides quick access to locate buried or hidden plant.

For example, keep a sharp eye on your water system and infrastructure with

  • Water Meter Manager
  • Water Main Break Report
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Impervious Surface Area Calculator
  • Leaking Underground Storage Tank Display
  • Asset/Maintenance Management Software Integration

(For other utility systems, the same customized programs can be developed to fit your city’s specific need.)

Assist public safety officers access critical areas and safety information. For example, SeeCity Public Safety includes vital Fire Department tools.

  • Use the Fire Pre-Plan tool to help in the creation and quick retrieval of fire pre-plan reports; including the location of surrounding buildings, hydrants, water sources, utility shutoffs, knox boxes, building floor plans, and chemical storage.
  • The Inspection Management tools utilize mobile GIS-based tablet PCs to perform routine inspections and automatically schedule follow-up and reoccurring inspections.
  • Mobile technology can be automatically synchronized with a local data server via a wireless network.
  • The Fire Department tools also help in address location, optimal vehicle routing, road construction status, mobile command control, and incident reporting.

See City Telecom  is a set of tools within ArcMap to aide in the documentation and management of a telecommunication network.  One of the tools provided in the Telecommunications extension is the Fiber Trace tool. This tool allows you to view the path of fiber optic sheath from a feature in the network back to the head end or central office of the network. You can then enter in a OTDR distance reading and the tool will approximate the location of a break in the fiber optic

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