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Traditional pen and paper field inspections and inventories require a large amount of back office support. Inspectors and mappers complete their paper inspection forms while in the field and then the gathered information is entered into a filing system back at the office. This file process often includes transcribing the inspection form into digital format, associating photography with specific inspections, and organizing the results for follow up actions. In addition this type of field inspection and inventory processes often yield non-uniform results, are labor intensive, and are susceptible to error.

Voyager is a set of easy-to-use, customizable inspection and inventory forms that are designed to seamlessly integrate all of the hardware and software components into a single powerful field device. Field workers can update and edit the organization’s GIS data, perform field inspections of the GIS features, and automatically attach pictures taken with the digital camera. When field workers return to the office they can dock the tablet PC into its docking station and all of the new GIS data, field inspections, and digital photographs are automatically loaded into the organization’s GIS server. The processes used by Voyager eliminate the need for back office support to perform inspection and inventory transcription and photo association because the data is collected in the proper standardized format directly in the field. This digital field data can be used to create maps, reports, work orders, searches, and notifications.



  • Rugged Voyager Tablet PC

  • Integrated GPS – for map tracking and routing

  • AllVue screen technology for reading in direct sunlight

  • Bluetooth enabled for printing to a mobile printer

  • Internal wireless 802.11b/g

Digital Camera

Wireless for remote connection to the Voyager Tablet PC


  • ArcView 9.2

  • Windows XP Pro operating system

  • Microsoft Office 2003 Pro – suite

  • Voyager application customized for the user’s needs.

Use Voyager for ALL Field Data Collection, Inspections, Reports, Audits ….

  • Best Management Practices for SWPP Plan & Stream Assessment

  • Fire Department Pre-Plans

  • Commercial Building Inspections

  • Water, Sanitary & Storm System Mapping & Inspection

  • All Code Compliance Inspections: Sidewalk, Health, Nuisance, etc.

  • Building Permit Inspections

  • Rental Inspections

  • Power, Gas, Telecom Distribution Networks Maintenance, Management

  • Inventory and Management of All City-Owned Infrastructure

  • Cemetery Management

Voyager Eases Compliance with Unfunded NPDES MS4

Voyager is equipped with all the onscreen forms necessary to collect the Storm Sewer System Map and Watershed Assessment data

To further conserve staff resources with the Voyager, some municipalities use one inspector for all city inspection needs, because any number of Voyager inspection forms are integrated with the GIS data. These forms can also be customized to fit the needs of the municipality

Description Model
SeeCity Voyager 9000 Fully integrated hardware and software solution 9000
Option A  with docking station with 22″ widescreen monitor 9000-A

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